STEM Activities

Date: Sept 22 - Oct 01, 2017

1. Probability with Dice

This booth provides fair goers the opportunity to see math in a whole new light, through the roll of a dice! A series of activities using giant foam dice exploring the probability of specific rolls or combinations. The booth is sponsored by the ESD 105 Regional Math and Migrant STEM Coordinators.

2. Fluffy Slime

Central Washington University is sponsoring the Fluffy Slime booth. Students discover how the combination of common household ingredients make for a fluffy, oozy, sensory treat!Snap Circuits: The Snap Circuits booth is one of four booths sponsored by the South Central STEM Network. Fair goers investigate electric circuits by creating complete circuits with the connectors from Snap Circuit kits. Circuits may run fans, set off alarms, or turn on lights and buzzers.

3. Bricks4Kids

The Bricks4Kids booth gives students and parents alike the chance to learn, build, and play with LEGO Bricks. Each day fair goers will have the chance to try their hand at constructing different LEGO creations. From Spin Art, LEGO Mosaics, or an Eiffel Tower this booth provides fun for everyone.

4. Straw Rockets

A very popular booth returns to this year’s STEM Building, Straw Rocket construction. Students select from pre-cut fins, nose cones, and straws to build the rocket of their imagination. Launchers are set up in the center of the STEM Building for rocket scientists to test out their designs. Sponsored by the South Central STEM Network.

5. Giant Games

This booth presents fair goers with a super-sized opportunity to show off their special reasoning skills! The booth includes a 4 ft. tall Connect Four game, Giant Jenga, and giant Tic, Tack, Toe. Sponsored by the South Central STEM Network.

6. STEM Puzzles

Fair Goers have the opportunity to show off their ability to meet a variety of STEM challenges including separating interlocking horse shoes, stacking 15 nails on 1 nail, leap frogging pegs to finish with only one peg remaining, etc. This booth is sponsored by the South Central STEM Network.

Attention! That’s Not All Folks!

In addition to the activities listed above which will be supervised by volunteers from this year’s Day Sponsor organizations there will be a number of other attractions in the STEM Building that require NOTHING on the part of the Day Sponsor organization, but will provide added enjoyment to fair goers who visit the STEM Building.

The Computer Café:

Each day fair goers will have the option to attend morning (11:00-1:00) technology classes to deepen their understanding of topics such as; Facebook 101, Computer Basics, Computers Phones and Pictures how do they connect? In the afternoon and evening the Computer Café serves as a great resting spot for weary parents as they watch their children enjoy the numerous activities.
The Technology Showcase Booth: The Yakima School District will be displaying a number of 3-D printers with staff to demonstrate the amazing things that this new technology is capable of creating.

Yakima Maker Space:

The folks from Yakima Maker Space will be back again this year sharing projects that Yakima Valley innovators have been developing this year! They will be offering soldering classes in the afternoons each day. The volunteers will be sharing what the “Maker Movement” is all about, and how area residents can get involved.

Robotics Showcase:

Each afternoon (Monday-Friday) a different group of students will be on-site to share their robotics projects. Students from numerous school districts as well as MESA will be involved this year.
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