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Mark Yuzuik - Master Hypnotist

Date: Sept 21 - Sept 30, 2018
People howl at the moon. They play air clarinet. They flee nonexistent rats. And they’re freaked out by imaginary jiggly toys.

No one gets hurt during the hour-long hypnotist act by Mark Yuzuik. It’s just entertainment - all for laughs on a fall night.

“The illusion is that it’s about me. I am merely presenting an entertaining show. I use hypnosis for comedy, comedians use jokes, some people use props. … It’s mystifying. And the mystery is why they are driven here."

No matter the gender or age, everyone is susceptible to some form of hypnosis, he said.

While people gasp and laugh at the uninhibited acts on the Pacific Power Community Stage, Yuzuik’s real focus is showing audience members that their behavior can change just as suddenly to improve their lives.

According to Yuzuik, “I never ask them to do anything that is against their morals or is harmful. I always make sure that I do a family show because it’s for the families. Not that it wouldn’t be funny, but why offend one person when you don’t need to offend anybody?”
He adds, “Hypnosis removes fear and inhibitions of judgment, so they don’t feel people are judging them. They have no embarrassment whatsoever. That’s why it works.”

At the end of his stage performance, he gives the subjects the final hypnotic suggestions: Grow in confidence, never get into a vehicle if you have alcohol in your bloodstream, and don’t text and drive.
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