A Walk on the Wild Side Exotic Animals & Reptiles
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A Walk on the Wild Side Exotic Animals & Reptiles

Date: Sept 20 - Sept 29, 2019
A Walk On The Wild Side is classified as an animal rescue and preservation establishment. Many of our tenants are victims of divorce, foreclosure, financial hardship or were purchased by people who were ill-prepared for the specialized care that most of these animals require. While each animal has its own unique, sometimes tragic story, they share a common trait: they were all facing an uncertain future and possible death sentence before being adopted by our facility.

We are located on rural property in Canby, Oregon. We currently house 175 animals, including 84 different species. Contrary to many shelters, we accept a large variety of animals instead of specializing in a particular type of animal, like felines, reptiles, or farm animals. Our work is especially impactful for exotic animals since state animal control agencies often automatically euthanize animals if they don’t have the facilities or knowledge to accommodate them.

At A Walk On The Wild Side, we have experts with experience in many fields, allowing us to take in almost any non-domestic animal that needs to be housed and maintain them for the remainder of their lives. Whether cute and cuddly, or venomous and slithery, we offer a safe and permanent home and treat every species with the care and respect they deserve.


Yakima Watermill
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Our mission is to provide a permanent, safe and comfortable environment for all displaced exotic species.

Additionally, we aim to increase awareness of the huge diversity of animal life and behavior and to encourage an interest in preserving this diversity for future generations.


As required by Federal law, we are licensed and inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture, and also hold special permits from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife which allow us to take in illegally held species from the public. We are fully licensed and insured.
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