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Date: Sept 21, 2019
KastOut is a not only a stage name, but a word to represent “being yourself”, which all my young peers should endorse!

I want to start a movement for kids, since I am young myself, to prove that we can do anything we put our minds to, even though we're young!

I’ve performed at Pippins Baseball, opened for the Hop Festival, and performed at Selah Community Days, as well as Chelan this year! I made All State Choir in my school, and currently have a song with 15k views on SoundCloud! You can find me at officially KastOut on YouTube and SoundCloud.

I’ve been singing and rapping since I was in kindergarten, but I never truly realized my potential until I performed on my first stage and realized how astonished people were by my musical talent. I love doing what I do and hope to make a living out of it, while continuing to influence people in a positive way.
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