Truck Demolition Derby
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Pickup Truck Demolition Derby

Date: Sept 29, 2019
General admission bleacher seats for all Fair events are free with admission to the Fair; however a limited amount of reserved seating is available for purchase. Reserved seat tickets do not include admission to the Fair. Age 3 & older must have a ticket in the reserved seating area.

Scroll down for rules!

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Any year full size pickup or suburban may be used. 4x4’s is allowed but front drive shaft must be removed.

All glass, wiring, trim, moldings, carpet, or any other burnable materials must be removed.

Must have rear spreader bar behind seat, or as close to the front of the cab as possible. MIN 3” diameter and 3/16” thick.

Must have a front spreader bar from A pillar to A pillar. May be Welded or bolted with MIN ¾” bolts through exterior sheet metal. Min 2” in diameter, 3/16” thick.

Must have at least 1 roll over bar, from floor to roof. Must be inside of cab, as close to driver as possible in the bed.

Also, must be attached securely to roof and floor. Recommend welded upright to rear spreader bar. 3” diameter

Door bars must be used on both sides of the vehicle and be bolted with MIN ¾” bolts to the rear cross bar and in front of the door with backing plates.

Remove existing gas tank replace with metal boat tank or fuel cell. Mounted as close to the rear spreader as possible in bed.

Battery must be moved to inside of cab in steel enclosure. NO RATCHET STRAPS!

Minimum of a 3-point seatbelt harness must be used.

Recommend using 2 front window bars for safety. Do not extend 6” past any window seam.

Doors, hood and tail gate must be chained or #9 wired. 6 spots on hood and 4 tail gate max. 2 of each may wrap around bumper.

Stock bumper and brackets must be used for make and model of truck. NO SWAPS

You may weld the stock lower engine mounts in the factory location. You may use 2 extra chains to hold in motor, may weld 2 links on each side to the frame and must bolt to motor. Engine swaps aloud, but ABSOLUTELY no brackets or fabrication may be done to make it work.

Stock rear end only. NO SWAPS! May weld gears to lock up rear end.

Must have working Brakes.

Stock wheels only, any tire may be used. May used a tube, but filled with air only.

Aftermarket gas pedal, brake pedal and shifter aloud.

Cradles, distributor protectors, mid plates, bellhousing, transmission protectors/braces, tail shafts, and sliding driveshaft’s are not aloud.

The only things that may be welded other than cage items are specified above. Nothing else! If it doesn’t say you can in these rules, assume you can’t.

All chain must be ½” MAX.

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