State Fair Wine Garden
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State Fair Wine Garden

The Wine Garden is located in the annex of the Agriculture Building and will be open daily from 4pm-7pm for tastings of Central Washington's best wines.

Each night will feature a different varietal of wine represented by 3 or 4 wineries. Below is the tentative 2018 schedule:

September 21: Riesling Varietal
Wineries: Kiona Winery, Treveri Cellars, Palencia Winery, and Milbrandt Winery

September 22: Syrah Varietal
Wineries: Owen Roe Winery, Masset Winery, Walla Walla Vintners, and WSU Learning

September 23: Sangiovese Varietal
Wineries: Tsillan Cellars, Maryhill Winery, Palencia Winery, and Jones of Washington

September 24: Chardonnay Varietal
Wineries: Two Mountain Winery, Owen Roe Winery, Goose Ridge Winery, and Milbrandt Winery

September 25: Zinfandel Varietal
Wineries: Thurston Wolfe Winery, Yakima Valley Vintners, Porrteus Winery, and Masset Winery

September 26: Sauvignon Blanc Varietal
Wineries: Maryhill Winery, Two Mountain Winery, and Chinook Winery

September 27: Merlot Varietal
Wineries: Valicoff Estates Winery, VanArnam Vineyards, Goose Ridge Winery, and Owen Roe Winery

September 28: Rose Varietal
Wineries: VanArnam Vineyards, Sin Banderas Winery, and Wit Cellars

September 29: Cabarnet Sauvignon Varietal
Wineries: Sheridan Vineyard, Bonair Winery, Coyote Canyon Winery, and Goose Ridge Winery

September 30: Pinot Gris Varietal
Wineries: Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Hogue Cellars, Chateau St. Michelle, and Jones of Washington

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